Sunday, January 31, 2010

On a Devotee

Jai Shri Ram

Actions are not performed by a devotee of God, rather every moment there is "Puja" i.e. worship and adoration of God taking place through him; because in each of his actions there is the sentiment of worship and adoration.

He whose mind is ever engaged in Bhagwaan (God), he should not be seen as an ordinary man; because he is a member of Bhagwaan's (God, the Almighty's) court.

Just as a greedy man's eyes are fixed on money, similarly a devotees eyes must be fixed on Bhagwaan (God).

You become the servant of God, then God will make you a master.

However low a caste a devotee of God may be from, he is greater than a learned Brahmana who is without any devotion.

There is no one else in this world that respects as much as, the respect that is in Bhagwaan's (God's) heart for His devotees.

That devotee who sees nothing great in himself, who has no pride whatsoever regarding anything, then Bhagwaan's exceptionality and extraordinariness permeates within that devotee.

A devotee who has taken refuge in Bhagwaan (God), does not have to make an effort to worship and remember Bhagwaan, rather through him worship and rememberance of God takes place automatically and naturally.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Conversation between Son & Mother

Jai Shri Ram

An extremely rich and powerful person - Chief Minister to an Emperor- decided to repay all the debts to this world. He had enough money and powers. He went on calling his friends, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, teachers, ... And kept on giving them whatever they wanted and took a word from them - "You are debt free from my side" !! Finally, he went to his mother :

Son: Mother ! Kindly forgive my request. I am capable, rich and powerful. I want to repay all debts to everyone and want to have a feeling that: 'I am debt free' ! Please tell me what can I offer you ! Kindly !! What is the value I can pay for your debts on me !!!

Mother smiled. She said:

Son ! I don't want to narrate you what I did for you after I gave birth to you. You are valuation expert. I narrate to you an incidence before your birth. You yourself value that, pay me what is correct value of that as per you, and you shall be 'debt free' from my side too !!

Mom then stated:

When I conceived you, I was very anxious about your future- Hence I went to an astrolger. He saw the stars etc and stated that the child will be a son to be born on say so and so date. But on that day there will be strong movements in nakshtras. If he takes birth after 7 AM but before 8 AM he shall become a great and rich trader. If he takes birth after 8:00 AM but before 8:30 AM , he shall become the next best- Chief Minister- to the Emperor. If he takes birth after 8:30 AM - he shall become the Emperor of this country !

But Son, as the luck would have it, I started feeling labour pains at 6 AM on the day of your birth. I was hell bent on seeing you to become an Emperor. Though the 'daai' ( lady doctor) thought I shall die, but I forced her to tie me and make me hang with legs up and head down to a ceiling hook. She kept on saying 'It is dangerous, you can die' but I kept on insisting to keep me hanging till 8:30 AM. I wanted you to become the Emperor. But I fainted due to sheer pain at 8:00 AM. She untied me and you were born at 8:15 AM !!

Son ! I leave the valuation of that pain, that agony that I sufferred during those 2 hours for you to become Emperor. Now decide and offer me that value.
Son fell at the feet of his mother saying: I can not repay you, Mom, I can never repay you !!

Jai Shri Ram

Saturday, August 15, 2009

An aspirant can follow either of the two paths

Jai Shri Ram
An aspirant can follow either of the two paths. Those who are attached (attracted) to the world should accept the first point - "All this is not existing, only Paramatma IS existing" While those who are totally detached from the world and are engaged only in meditation, contemplation, name recitation, chanting and adoration etc., should accept the second path which is that "In the form of this world is only Bhagwaan." As such if seen, both these paths are one and the same in Essence (tattva). Yet there seems to be a difference in them in the same way as, there seems to be difference in different kinds of ornaments of gold and the gold itself. In the former there is predominance of discrimination "vivek", where one knows Paramatma in essence, by recognizing the perishability and non-existent nature of the world. While in the latter there is predominance of "Existence" (bhaav) , where it is believed that everything in this world is a manifestation of Paramatma. Devotees who worship attributeless God attach importance to discrimination, while those who worship the Lord with attributes, attach importance to sentiments "bhaav".
But in fact, both of these are about knowing Paramatma in "Essence" (Tattva) i.e. 1) to know the non-existing nature of the world is to know Paramatma as well as, 2) to accept the world as a manifestation of God (bhagwatswaroop) is also knowing Paramatma in "Essence". Because in reality, both are one and the same. The difference is only that in the path of Knowledge there is predominance of "knowing" and in the path of devotion there is predominance of "acceptance" (believing).

Jai Shri Ram

Friday, July 10, 2009

Necessity And Desire

Look, there are two things – necessity and desire. Necessity is always fulfilled but desire is never fulfilled. Kanyadaan (charity in form of giving daughter to in-laws in marriage) is necessary but there is no need to worry about it.
Wherever the daughter has to go, her engagement will be arranged. You have to work hard, but not to worry. Your rights is only to your duty, but not to fruit thereof . Making an effort towards Kanyaadaan is your work. However Kanyaadaan will certainly happen – this is not in your hands.When you are hungry, then there is necessity (aavashyaktaah) of food in stomach, but to want a specific flavor or a particular type of delicious food –this is a desire (kaamnaa). Necessity (aavashyaktaah) is fulfilled, but till date no one's desires (kaamnaa) has been fulfilled. So far it has not happened in anyone's life that all desires have been fulfilled. But the fulfillment of "necessities" (aavashyaktaah) are ordained. In this manner there is necessity and desire. Please listen to this with great concentration and attention and implement/imbibe in it.
I was not able to understand this for many years. I used to give discourses and gave these for many years, but the fact that "necessity" and "desire" are two separate – I understood this point very late. Such truths, were received with great harship. To understand it's essence has been difficult and it has taken a lot of time.
The reason I am sharing this with you is so that you may value and respect these points. There is no egotism in this, there is no greatness, nothing extraordinary, in these; if it had been then I would have known this beforehand. But it never occurred to thia mind. There had been many such knots, which were untied by Gita. But if you want to know, then you can know it very easily.
It is very easy and straightforward.What is "necessity" (aavashyaktaah) and "desire" (kaamnaa)? At the root, at the very essence the necessity (aavashyaktaah) is of Parmatma and desire (kaamnaa) is of world. This is the main essence. May we always live, may we be ever knowledgeable, may we be eternally happy – this is a necessity (aavashyaktaah) ; because this need of ours is actually of Existence-Conscious ness-Bliss- Absolute (Sat-Chit-Anand- Ghan) personified Parmatma. But the extent to which you consider the world as "necessary" (aavashyaktaah) , how much you want from it, it is all only "desires." When I grasped these two differences, then my mind was elated that today a thorn has been removed from inside!Necessity is something else, desire is something else.
In English I have heard `need' and `desire'- these two words. I have asked many educated people that what is the difference between these two words, but they were not able to point out the real difference. As I say that necessity is only of Paramatma and desire is only of world. But the educated Englishmen did not say it that clearly. Necessities are to be fulfilled; they can never be wiped out. The necessity of Paramatmatattva (realizing the Essential Truth, Essence of God) and our inadequacy in that regard, it can never be erased without attaining fulfillment – this is a law. If a law, a principle is broken then say so.

Jai SHri Ram

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Love versus Lust

Worldly people due to their ignorance, do not understand the true nature of Love. They regard lust to be the same as Love.
Lust is seen in most beings, especially more so in evil people, devils, demons, fiends, animals etc. Only the liberated Souls are capable of true Love.
1. In lust both parties want to receive something from the other, while in Love, a devotee (lover) wants to offer everything to the Lord (Beloved).
2. In lust a person wants to satisfy his senses, while in Love he wants to serve the Lord (beloved), without any desire for personal gain (without wanting anything in return).
3. Lust is physical, while Love is spiritual, it is divine.
4. Lust involves delusion and pain, while Love is totally free from delusion and pain, and involves emancipation and infinite bliss.
5. In lust there is attachment and dependence, while in Love there isrelinquishment and independence.
6. Lust is selfish, while Love is selfless.
7. One who is lustful, becomes a slave to the object of lust, while Bhagwaan Himself becomes a slave to a devotee that is capable of Love.
8. Lust changes into insipidity, while love enhances every moment,intensifying into a blissful state.
9. Lust is born of need, i.e. out of something lacking, while Love sprouts from completeness and the lover (devotee) remains happy in the happiness of the beloved (God).
10. In lust there is desire to derive pleasure, while in Love a lover(devotee) wants to please the Beloved (Bhagwaan, Lord).
11. Lust leads to hell, while Love leads to the abode of God (the Beloved).12. In lust, the parties involved ever remain two, while in Love, the lover (devotee) and the Beloved (Lord) become one and the same.

Jai Shri Ram

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

is it the money that is great or are we great?

It is a very surprising thing that on getting wealth, we consider ourselves to be great! If we have become great due to wealth, is it the money that is great or are we great?
Without that wealth we would be small only! This money is something that you have earned. This wealth comes to you and then goes away. If it stays with you, then you go away.
It will definitely not stay with you. Similarly he that considers himself to be great due to his knowledge, abilities, position, entitlements etc, is also making a grave mistake.
In reality you yourself are so great, that it is from you that these thing have got their significance. It is because of you that the money has attained significance, it is because of you that the food has got meaning, it is because of you that clothes have a purpose. All the things in the world have attained significance because of you. But you on the other hand, think you are great because of all that you have – this is a mistake. To consider yourself great or superior because of all the things that you have acquired is a big mistake. If this mistake is wiped out, then equanimity will come automatically; because we are naturally and innately established in equanimity; It is not resulting from effort or skill. We are to perform actions only to get rid of the attachment to actions, not for the purpose of gaining anything.

Jai Shri Ram

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Man alone is responsible for his own spiritual rise or downfall

A man must raise himself by his own effort. He must not degrade himself; for the Self is his own friend and the Self is also his own enemy.

"The point is that man alone is responsible for his own spiritual rise or downfall. No one else is. God has bestowed this human body, and with it, he has given all the necessary tools to attain salvation. Therefore, one does not need anyone else for one's salvation.Guru (spiritual guide), Saints and God, uplift the soul only after man himself has trust and faith in them. Only after man accepts them (Guru, Saints, God), only after man comes to them, and and only after man follows their directions. If man does not accept them, then how are they to do anything for man's salvation?

They simply cannot do anything. If you do not become a student, then what can a teacher do for you? Just like some other person can come and drop off a meal at your home, but the hunger must come from within. If there is no hunger within, than what use is there of delicious food preparations that are placed in front of you?

Guru, Saint and God are never non-existent. There have been many great Saints, Teachers, Gurus and Avatars (God's manifestations on Earth), but so far we have not attained salvation! It becomes clear from this, that we have not accepted them. Thus, in our rise or downfall, we alone are responsible. Those who believe that some one else is responsible for their rise or degradation they will never be elevated spiritually. They can never be benefited with this belief.In reality, man himself is his own Guru .Therefore discourses are for your own self. Knowing this, see faults in your own self and seek to remove them, instead of seeing faults in others.

Jai Shri Ram